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MAGNUS JÖRGEL, 620805-3972

2015- Expert for Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), on innovation, business development and peace and conflict (fact-finding mission in Liberia)

Senior Strategist Region Skåne (responsible for future studies and long-term planning)

Training as International Certified Future Strategist (KAIROS), Design process (MOOC Stanford University)

Co-founder of International Innovations for Societal Innovation (www.I2SI.org )

2013- 2015, Senior Strategist at Region Skåne (responsible for Innovation Ecosystems and Development)

2010- 2014, Business Development Manager (strategist), Region Skåne, Innovation and long-term strategies and international affairs (EU)

2008- 2010, Senior Security Policy Advisor (SSR) Liberia (Liberian Defence Ministry/ Liberian President)

2001- 2008, Research student (PhD), Kings College, researcher/ teacher/ analyst at the Dept for Strategic and Security Studies, SNDC

2001- 2002, MPhil, Kings College, London (Mini-viva for my PhD)        

2000- 2001, Masters Exam, Kings College, London, Dept of War Studies

1998- 2000, Swedish National Defence College, Advanced Command Programme (Specially trained in strategy and security studies)

1997- 1998, Battalion Commander

1996- 1997, Teacher at Karlberg (small group instructor)

1995- 1996, Swedish National Defence College, Staff Course

1994- 1995, Company Commander

1993- 1994, Armour Officers Advanced Course, USA, (assignment at the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC prior and after the course)

1992- 1993, Company Commander

1991- 1992, Officers Advanced Course

1990- 1991, Platoon Leader

1988- 1990, Leadership teacher, Karlberg

1986- 1988, Platoon Leader, Company Commander

1985- 1986, Officers Training, Karlberg

1984- 1985, Platoon Leader

1982- 1984, Officers Basic Course

High School Graduate, Natural Science, Lund

ICFS course at KAIROS Future 2015-01-01 – 2015-07-01

Design processes for Innovation at Stanford University (MOOC) 2015

Courses in leadership, dissertation on Intellectual Capital and Social Capital

Studies in Economics and Political Science, University of Lund, 1994- 1995

Studies in Anthropology (Armed Conflicts), University of Uppsala, 2003

Studies in SSR, at SNDC, FBA and practice (Liberia)

Courses at Kings College (for my Masters Degree)

-        war in modern history

-        state, society and strategy

-        war and society

-        contemporary security studies, south pacific asia

-        nationalism

Title of MA dissertation, “How can we understand ethnicity in armed conflict? Three perspectives”

Courses at Kings College for the PhD programme

-        international relations theory

-        research methods (applied social science)

-        theory and methodology of the social sciences

-        contemporary conflict seminars

Provisional title of PhD thesis, “How can we understand ethnicity as a socio-political factor in armed conflict? The case of Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo”

(During 2002-2007 extensive travel, for my research fieldwork, in DRC, eastern part, Sierra-Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Sudan, CAR, Chad, interviews with the political elites)

Facilitator for EU conferences on Smart Specialisation, Digital Agenda, Open Innovation and SME

Facilitator for Societal Innovation Camps (2010-2015)

Speaker at Folk och Försvars Conference in Sälen 2008

Speaker at Almedalen 2008, 2009

Speaker at Folk och Försvars Global Conference in Gothenburg 2007

Expert commentator for Swedish Radio

Expert commentator for Swedish Television

Expert commentator for daily press in Sweden

Responsible for the Innovation Strategy for Skåne and other strategic development documents at Region Skåne

Worked on the transformation of Swedish Armed Forces from a defence force to a service organisation (in practical terms to an innovative service provider)

Member of the Folke Benadotte Academy pool of experts for international service

Member of EU pool of experts on SSR and State Building, and Innovation and development

Member of the UN Mediation Support Unit rooster of experts for international service

Member of World Future Studies Federation (2015- )

Expert for EU and OECD on Open Innovation, Cross Border Policies and development strategies

Lecturer at courses at Swedish universities, British universities and UN (for UN information analysts and operation leaders, on courses in New York, Norway, Sweden and Liberia)

- Writings for both MNE5 (Ministry of Defence) and the Foreign Ministry (on aspects of conflicts in Africa) and within the field of SSR (for the Ministry of defence)

- Intellectual Capital (leadership), Innovation policies and strategies

- Security Studies, International Relations (armed conflicts, marginalisation, youth, political elites, ethnicity )

- Sub- Saharan Africa, Conflict in its broadest sense

- Multiple studies and training in various aspects of Leadership, both theoretical and practical


-Security Sector Reform in Sub Saharan Africa; a new playground, different rules new players (in Challenges and prospects for Nordic- Baltic Security Sector Reform, SNDC 2007)

-The MANO River Basin Area: formal and informal security providers in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone (FOI-R-2418-SE, 2007)

- Beyond the Façade of Formal Statehood: shadow networks, “big men” and franchised rebellion- case studies from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic (FHS, ISBN: 978-91-89683-02-0)

- Security Sector Reform in Sub Saharan Africa- a new playground, different rules, new players? In The Politics of Security Sector Reform (Ashgate, 2011, ISBN 978-1-4094-1028-7)

Speaking; fluent in English, French, some German, Spanish and Swahili

Very good expertise and knowledge in cooperation/ collaboration with international bodies (UN, EU, NATO, AU, ECOWAS etc.), on highest political level, on issues of both economic development, security politics, negotiations and developing countries issues.

Very good knowledge of Future work, and strategic work on economic development in a political context. Very good knowledge of political policy work.

Very good experience on project management and processes in Africa.

Magnus Jörgel